One recording of
The Coolin
The Hag At The Spinning Wheel

The Coolin (waltz) is also known as An Chúileann, An Chuilfhionn, An Chúilfionn, An Chuilin, An Chulfhionn, An Coolin, An Coulin, An Cúilfhionn, An Cuilfhoinn, An Cuilfion Le Atrugad, An Cuillin, An Cuilrionn, An Cul Fhionn, The Coolin’, Coolun, The Coolun, Coulin, The Coulin, Cuilin, The Cuilin, The Fair-Haired Beauty, The Fair-Haired One, Had You Seen My Sweet Coolin, In This Calm Sheltered Villa, Lady Of The Desert, The Lady Of The Desert, My Fair-Haired Beauty, Oh! Hush The Soft Sigh, Oh! The Hours I Have Passed, Though The Last Glimpse Of Erin.

The Hag At The Spinning Wheel (jig) is also known as Cailín An Túirna, Cailleach An Túirne, Garrett Barry’s, Gearoid De Barra, Kiss Me Darling, The Ladies’ Fancy, Maid At The Spinning Wheel, The Maid At The Spinning Wheel, Maid At The Spinnning Wheel, The Maid Of The Spinning Wheel, The Maid On The Spinning Wheel, Maire An Phortair, Nora Kista, Nora Likes Cake, Nora With The Purse, Nora’s Purse, Noran Kista, Norickystie, Port An Achreidh, The Road To Lurgan, Sergeant Early’s, The Spinning Wheel, Tune The Fiddle, The Wild Irishman, Wreathe The Bowl.

Rolling In The Ryegrass: Irish Flute Music by Paddy Taylor

  1. The Coolin
  2. Maid At The Spinning Wheel