Tralibane Bridge jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tralibane Bridge
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
"_vb"B3/2c/B (Bce)|(f2^g a2)(g/a/)|f3/2e/c c3/2B/^A|(B2A) F3|
B3/2c/B Bce|(f2^g a2)(g/a/)|trfec B2B|B3B2||
a|b3/2a/f abc'|d'2c' b2c'|b3/2a/f f3/2e/c|(B2A) (F2a)|
baf abc'|d'2c' b2a|fbd' c'3/2b/^a|b3b2a|
b3/2a/f abc'|d'2(c'/d'/) b2c'|b3/2a/f fec|(B2A) (F2^A)|
B3/2c/B Bce|(f2^g a2)(g/a/)|trfec B2B|B3B2||

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Tralibane Bridge

This is down as a jig although it was intended as an air in O’Neill’s Dance Music of Ireland (The 1850). The ABC is from

The tune had a lot of personal significance for O’Neill and he described it in his 1910 book Irish Folk Music: A Fascinating Hobby as a tune whose "haunting plaintiveness" caught his fancy above all others in the collection. See for an essay about why the tune would have meant so much to the great collector of Irish music.

Re: Tralibane Bridge

What does "vb" mean?

Re: Tralibane Bridge

Not 100% sure but I think it’s "vibrato". I suppose this is acceptable given it’s an air.

Re: Tralibane Bridge

X:1, as of this date, is given as being in D. This gives the correct key signature, but the tune plays as B minor.

Of interest, perhaps, is that the O’Neill version is in G minor—a more comfortable range for some.

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