On A Distant Shore barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: On A Distant Shore
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|: "em"B2 Bd "am"cBAe| "D"deBA "G"B3 A| "C"cBAE "B"^DEFA| "em"GFEB "C"ce"D"df|
"em"B2 Bc "am"cAAe| "D"deBA "B"B3 A| "C"GFEB "B"F3 G|"C D em" E8 :|
"C"e3 f "D"edBe| "G"dBAB "G/B"dBAB| "C"G4 BcBA| "am"GEAG "D"FD D2|
"am"efef "bm"edBe|"G"dBAB "G/B"dBAB| "C"G4 BcBA| "C"GE"D"AG "em"E4|
"am"egfd "D"edBe| "G"dBAB "G/B"dBAB|"C"G4 "am"BcBA| "B"GEAG "D"FD D2|
"em"EGBA "A"^cABc| "em"AGAE "A"^cA A2|"G"GAB1/2^c1/2d "em"egfd| "A E"e8||
"B"AEFG "C"Aede|"am" =cBAc "em"BG E|"am" DEF1/2G1/sA "D"Bede| "G"B2 BA "E/G#"B2 B1/2c1/2d|
"am"e2 ce "G"d2 Bd|"F" c2 Ac "em"BG E2|"C" BAGA FDEB| "C"c2 Bc e4|
"B"AEFG "C"Aede| "am"cBAc "em"BG E2|"am" DE "D"F2 "am"EG"D"FA| "am"GB"D"Ac "em"B2 B1/2c1/2d
"am"e2 cA "G"d2 BG| "dm"c3 A "C"B4| "F"A2 AB "em"AGEB| "dm"A3 B A2 "N.C."^F1/2G1/2A|

Two comments

On A Distant Shore

Slowish instrumental by Andy Irvine from his Way Out Yonder record. Wikipedia says Declan Masterson on whistle and pipes.

I thought this would make a nice slow air, although now I see it’s probably way too involved to play in a session. But I did the work, so here you are. It will likely become a guitar solo for me.

I notated the F as sharp in that last bar not because there was an F natural in the melody beforehand, but just to be clear since the preceding chord is a d minor, which would imply an F# in the melody. But really there’s no chord over those last three notes as they serve to repeat to the beginning.

Re: On A Distant Shore

“…preceding chord is d minor, which would imply an F natural.” Not F sharp. Sorry.