Loch Maree waltz

By G.S. MacLennan

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One setting

X: 1
T: Loch Maree
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
{d}ce|A2 {B}A>c Ac|{f}e2 e2 {d}ce|{fg}f2 A>d fa|{fg}f2 e2 {d}ce|
[1 A2 {B}A>c Ac|{f}e2 e2 {d}ce|{fg}f2 A>c({f}e>c)|c2 B3:|
[2 {fg}f2 A2 Bc|{f}e2A2 A>B|{B}c2 A>c({f}e>c)|{Bd}B2 A2||
|:{d}ce|{b}a2 af a>f|{f}e2e2 {d}ce|{fg}f2 {f}ec {b}a>f|{g}f2e2 {d}ce|
[1 {b}a2 af a>f|{f}e2e2 {d}ce|{fg}f2 A>c({f}e>c)|c2B2:|
[2 {fg}f2 A2 Bc|{f}e2A2 A>B|{d}c2 A>c({f}e>c)|B2 A2||
P:"Seconds for Loch Maree"
ce|A2 A>c cA|c2 c2 Ac|d2 A>B df|d2c2 ce|
[1 A2 A>c cA|c2c2 Ac|d2c2 cA|c2 B2:|
[2 d2c2 BA|c2e2 c>B|A2c2 c>A|B2A2||
|:ce|f2 fd f>d|c2 c2 Ac|d2 cA f>d|d2c2 ce|
[1 f2 fd f>d|c2 c2 Ac|d2c2 cA|c2B2:|
[2 d2 c2 BA|c2e2 c>B|A2c2 c>A|B2A2||

One comment

Loch Maree - not a Waltz

This is a retreat march (quarter note = 86) - a pipe tune by George Stewart McLennan 1883-1927.
The tune is in Scottish Medley arranged by Judi Nicolson for the 2019 Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School.
The abc is Jack Campin’s transcription of McLennan’s 1929 HP Music Book 1, (complete with seconds) which I found on John Chambers website.
New to me, there are other pipe tunes and a song of the same name on YouTube.
The ornaments and slurs are as in Ceol na Fidhle Vols.3&4 p 35.