One recording of
The Bank Of Turf
Denny Mescall’s

The Bank Of Turf (jig) is also known as Bill Harte’s, Donegal Jig No. 2, Padraic O’Keeffe’s, Padraig O’Keefes, Patrick O’Keefe’s, Port Uí Chaoimh, Tom Billy’s.

Denny Mescall’s (slide) is also known as Denny Mescall’s, Denny Mescall’s, Denny Mescall’s Hat, Dinny Mescal’s, Dinny Miscal’s, Micko Doyle’s, Mind Yourself Of The Turkey Cock, Mind Yourself Of The Turkey Cock Or The Turkey Cock Will Bite You, Mind Yourself Of The Turkeycock, Mind Yourself Of The Turkeycock Or The Turkeycock Will Bite You, Patsy Mack, Sleamhnán Dhinní Uí Mheiscil.

Katy Bar The Door by Randal Bays

  1. The Bank Of Turf
  2. Patrick Kelly’s