The Landlady Of Inver Inn march

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Re: The Landlady Of Inver Inn

Most likely to be Mrs McGlashan, who took over the running of the Inver Inn from her drunken husband Alexander after he died in 1797; she ran the inn until 1810. After Telford built the new bridge at Dunkeld in 1809, the route to Perth bypassed Inver, and the Inn was not the busy place it once was.

In 1826 there was an incident when bodysnatchers robbed a child’s grave but werfe disturbed. A gun was fired, but the robbers escaped. It is said that that gunshot is to blame for the crack on Niel Gow’s gravestone. The story comes largely from some regulars at the Inver Inn.

The hostelry managed to stay open until 1863, and the building still exists.