Two recordings of
Din Tarrant’s
The Finnish

Din Tarrant’s (polka) is also known as Bill The Waiver’s, Bill The Weaver’s, Din Tarrant’s, Jackie Daly’s #1, Julia Clifford’s, Lacha Cross, Lacka Cross, Lackagh Cross.

The Finnish (polka) is also known as Finska, The Hoy Song, The Hoy, Karjalan Poikia, The Oi Song.

Eat, Sleep, Fiddle by Mayo Yanachi

  1. Jim O’Keeffe’s
  2. The Finnish
  3. Din Tarrant’s

Selected Tracks From Boxed and Eat, Sleep, Fiddle by Anders Trabjerg & Mayo Yanachi

  1. Jim O’Keefe’s
  2. The Finnish
  3. Din Tarrant’s