Miss Mary Douglas march

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One setting

X: 1
T: Miss Mary Douglas
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cdor
d2d2 dedc|B4- B2de| f2f2 fgfe|d4- d2f2|
g2g2 e3g|f2f2 d3B |c2c2 cBcd|B4-B2:|
|:AB\|c2c2 c2Bc|d2d2 d2cd|e2e2 efge|f6 AB|
c2c2 c2Bc|d2d2 d2B2|c2c2 cBcd|B4-B2:|

Two comments

Miss Mary Douglas

Not a Reel but a March by Niel Gow.

Re: Miss Mary Douglas

Interesting. Ron Gonnella recorded the tune in 1982 under the "Miss Mary Douglas" title, but this is a tune I know as "Lady Mary Douglas" (one of two tunes of that name, the other being a jig), and I feel it’s not by Niel Gow. There is a tune called "Miss Mary Douglas’ Reel" in ‘The Beauties of Gow’ Vol.3 (1819), but it’s a different tune.