The Jig Runrig jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Jig Runrig
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
e/2f/2|"D"d2d BAA|FAA BAA|"G"Bdd "D"AAA|"Em"fee "A"efe|
"D"d2d BAA|FAA BAA|"G"Bdd "D"Aff|"A7"edd "D"d2:|
|:a/2g/2|"D"faa "A"eaa|"D"daa "A"caa|"G"Bdd "D"AAA|"Em"fee [1"A"eag|"D"faa "A"eaa|"Bm"daa "F#m"caa|"G"Bdd "D"Aff|"A"edd "D"d2]:|
[2"A"efe|"D"d2d BAA|FAA BAA|"G"Bdd "D"Aff|"A7"edd "D"d3]||
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X: 2
T: The Jig Runrig
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|fe|:d3 BAA|FAA BAA|
Bdd AAA|fee efe|d3 BAA|FAA BAA
[1 Bdd Aff| edd dfe :|2 Bdd Aff|edd dag||
|: faa eaa|daa caa|Bdd AAA|fee eag|
[1 faa eaa|daa caa|Bdd Aff|edd dag:|
[2 d3 BAA|FAA BAA| Bdd Aff| edd dBA||

Six comments

The Jig Runrig

Composed by Fergie MacDonald in the mid 1990’s. Still one of the most common jigs in Scottish sessions to this day - easy to learn and the pattern seems to stick well. If the demon players think it’s too easy, try winding up the tempo (and still maintain the precision!). Originally suggested played in Key D, repeat in G, then in A, before returning to the original key D. Also encourage some players (if required) to experiment with simple harmonies in Part B starting with 3rd’s on the cuckoo notes etc - good fun!

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Jig Runrig

I luv this tune i first played it when i was playing at a concert thing with my local group. i had never seen the music before but it is such a brilliant tune the notes just come to your fingers i was playing with the rst of them as though i had been playing since i had learned how to pick up a fiddle. It was great! Thats why i simply had to find the music for it.

Thanks Dougal!

I just couldn’t think of another way to identify it! You are most helpful ;)

Re: The Jig Runrig

I know it sounds mad, and it’s not for sessions, but just for a bit of fun, try it as a slow waltz, I think it’s quite nice, give each bar lots of space, and scatter in grace notes, it sounds quite beautiful really slow. Give it a wee shot, just for a laugh