Woo’d An’ Merried An’ Aa jig

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X: 1
T: Woo'd An' Merried An' Aa
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g|d2 c B c A | G2 G G2 A | B2 d d e B | d2 d d2 g |
d2 c B c A | G2 G G2 F | E2 e e f d | e3 e2 :||
||: d | d2 g g a f | g3 B2 c | d2 d d e B | d3 d2 g|
d2 c B c A | G2 G G2 F | E2 e e f d | e3 e2 :||

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Re: Woo’d An’ Merried An’ Aa

Found the lyrics here: https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Page:The_Book_of_Scottish_Song.djvu/561.

Woo’d An’ Married An’ Aa

The bride she is winsome and bonnie,
⁠Her hair it is snooded sae sleek,
And faithful and kind is her Johnnie,
⁠Yet fast fa’ the tears on her cheek.
New pearlings are cause o’ her sorrow,
⁠New pearlings and plenishing too;
The bride that has a’ to borrow,
⁠Has e’en right meikle ado.
⁠Woo’d and married and a’,
⁠Woo’d and married and a’,
⁠And is na she very weel aff
⁠To be woo’d and married and a’?

Her mother then hastily spak’:
⁠"The lassie is glaiket wi’ pride;
In my poaches I hadna a plack
⁠The day that I was a bride.
E’en tak’ to your wheel and be clever,
⁠And draw out your thread in the sun,
The gear that is gifted, it never
⁠Will last like the gear that is won.
⁠Woo’d an’ married an’ a’,
⁠Tocher and havings sae sma’
⁠I think ye are very weel aff,
⁠To be woo’d and married an’ a’,"

"Toot, toot!" quo’ the grey-headed father,
⁠"She’s less of a bride than a bairn,
She’s ta’en like a cowt frae the heather,
⁠Wi’ sense and discretion to learn.
Half husband, I trow, and half daddy,
⁠As humour inconstantly leans;
A chiel may be constant and steady
⁠That yokes wi’ a mate in her teens.
⁠’Kerchief to cover so neat,
⁠Locks the winds used to blaw,
⁠I’m baith like to laugh and to creet,
⁠When I think o’ her married at a’."

Then out spak’ the wily bridegroom,
⁠Weel waled were his wordies I ween;
"I’m rich, though my coffer be toom,
⁠Wi’ the blinks o’ your bonnie blue een;
I’m prouder o’ thee by my side,
⁠Though thy ruffles or ribbons be few,
Than if Kate o’ the craft were my bride,
⁠Wi’ purples and pearlings enew.
⁠Dear and dearest of ony,
⁠Ye’re woo’d and bookit and a’,
⁠And do ye think scorn o’ your Johnnie,
⁠And grieve to be married at a’."

She turn’d, and she blush’d, and she smil’d,
⁠And she lookit sae bashfully down;
The pride o’ her heart was beguil’d,
⁠And she play’d wi’ the sleeve o’ her gown;
She twirl’d the tag o’ her lace,
⁠And she nippet her boddice sae blue,
Syne blinket sae sweet in his face,
⁠And aff like a mawkin she flew.
⁠Woo’d and married and a’,
⁠Married and carried awa’;
⁠She thinks hersel’ very weel aff,
⁠To be woo’d and married and a’.