Tar The House reel

By Allan MacDonald

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tar The House
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
BA|Bg gg fa ee ed BB BA|Bg gg fa ee fd ee BA|
Bg gg fa ee ed BB|Gd dd eg fa ee fd ee:|
BB|fg ae fg ee ed BB|BB fg ae fg ee fd ee BB|
fg ae fg ee ed BB|Gd dd eg fa ee fd ee:|
BA|Gd dd ed de dd ge ed BB|Gd dd eg fa ee fd ee BA|
Gd dd ed de dd ge ed BB|Gd dd eg fa ee fd ee:|
fg|ae ea ee ae ea ee ed BB|fg ae fg ee fd ee fg|
ae ea ee ae ea ee ed BB|Gd dd eg fa ee fd ee:|
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Three comments

Tar The House

A ‘reel’ by the great Allan MacDonald of Glenuig. It’s a version, I’m not sure how consciously, of a well known reel called the Brown Haired Maid, here at https://thesession.org/tunes/3184 (I see there that I recommended this tune some fifteen years ago!)

The stress pattern is not constant, hence the lack of barring - lots of 12 1234 12 1234 12 12 1234 etc etc.

This setting is essentially as Allan wrote it, except that I have moved the anacrusises (anacrusi? anacrusopodes?) to the lines they belong to so the repeat marks make sense. It was written without repeat marks, but I personally prefer to play them.

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Re: Tar The House

This is definitely not in 4/4, at least it’s not written correctly to be in 4/4. That would be 8-eighth notes per bar, not 14-16. Makes it a wee bit harder to read, unfortunately.

Re: Tar The House

Nonetheless, that is how it was written (though I have edited out the site’s imposition of 4/4, which I agree is unhelpful). Listening to the tune is probably the best place to start rather than trying to learn it from the dots.

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