Two recordings of
Mrs. Crowley’s
Jimmy Doyle’s

Mrs. Crowley’s (polka) is also known as Gullane’s, Joan Crowley’s.

Jimmy Doyle’s (polka) is also known as Din Tarrant’s No. 2, Din Tarrant’s No. 6, Din Tarrant’s No.1, Doyle’s Favourite, Jimmy Doyle’s Favourite, Jimmy Doyle’s No. 1, The Lonesome No. 1, The Lonesome No. 2, The Lonesome.

Come West along the Road by The Esker Riada Ceili Band

  1. Jimmy Doyle’s
  2. Mrs. Crowley’s

Irlande (Live) by Frankie Gavin, Arty McGlynn & Aidan Coffey

  1. The Gullane
  2. Mrs. Crowley’s
  3. Jimmy Doyle’s Favourite