Ellie Goes West hornpipe

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Ellie Goes West
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
EA/B/ ef a>g e3/2 z/ | AG eF/G/ FB de | EA/B/ ef a>g e3/2 z/ | A>G eF/G/ F3/2-F z/ A/G/ |
EB ef ag b3/2 z/ | AA/B/ eF/G/ FB de/e/- | e<c BE FB GG/E/ | AG/B/ cG/F/ F3/2-F z/ F/E/ |
E2/B2/ e2/f2/ a2/>g2/ e2/-e//f//g//a// | b-b/a/ a>g ff/e/ g3/2 z/ | EA/B/ ez/f/ ag e3/2 z/ |
AA/B/ ee/f/ f3 z | EA/B/ ef/e/ ag<b z | AB eF/G/ FB de | c z BE FF/B/ GG/E/ | AB de/f/ f4 |
z c ag- gg/b/ fe | z A/B/ ag- gg/f/ ff/e/ | AB/c/ ag be fz/b/ | f>g bd dc a/b/a- |
a/z/z//A//B//c// a2/g2/- g2/g/f/ f2/f/g/ | z2/ A/B/ a2/g2/- g-g//f//e//c// f2/e2/ | AB/c/ ag be fz/g/ |
b-b/a/ a-a/g/ f4 | ef/g/ gd d2 ce | eA A>G eg gd | d z ce e/fg/ g3/2 z/ |
B/c/c/A/ ag/f/ f/e/e ef/g/ | g-g//g//a//b// a> z B/c/c/A/ ag/ z/ | f/e/e/ z/ F/G/e/ z/ Fd B2 |
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X: 2
T: Ellie Goes West
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DG/2A/2 de g>f d3/2 z/2 | GF dE/2F/2 EA cd | DG/2A/2 de g>f d3/2 z/2 | G>F dE/2F/2 E3/2-E z/2 G/2F/2 |
DA de gf a3/2 z/2 | GG/2A/2 dE/2F/2 EA cd/2d/2- | d<B AD EA FF/2D/2 | GF/2A/2 BF/2E/2 E3/2-E z/2 E/2D/2 |
DA de g>f d-d/4e/4f/4g/4 | a-a/2g/2 g>f ee/2d/2 f3/2 z/2 | DG/2A/2 dz/2e/2 gf d3/2 z/2 |
GG/2A/2 dd/2e/2 e3 z | DG/2A/2 de/2d/2 gf<a z | GA dE/2F/2 EA cd | B z AD EE/2A/2 FF/2D/2 | GA cd/2e/2 e4 |
z B gf- ff/2a/2 ed | z G/2A/2 gf- ff/2e/2 ee/2d/2 | GA/2B/2 gf ad ez/2a/2 | e>f ac cB g/2a/2g- |
g/2z/2z/4G/4A/4B/4 gf- ff/2e/2 ee/2f/2 | z G/2A/2 gf- f-f/4e/4d/4B/4 ed | GA/2B/2 gf ad ez/2f/2 |
a-a/2g/2 g-g/2f/2 e4 | de/2f/2 fc c2 Bd | dG G>F df fc | c z Bd d/2ef/2 f3/2 z/2 |
A/2B/2B/2G/2 gf/2e/2 e/2d/2d de/2f/2 | f-f/4f/4g/4a/4 g> z A/2B/2B/2G/2 gf/2 z/2 | e/2d/2d/2 z/2 E/2F/2d/2 z/2 Ec A2 |
f/4f/4g/4a/4 g> z A/2B/2B/2G/2 gf/2 z/2 | e/2d/2d/2 z/2 E/2F/2d/2 z/2 Ec A2 |

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Ellie Goes West

From Flook’s album Ancora. The tune of the 7th track.

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Re: Ellie Goes West

Lovely tune, my new favourite, i was halfway through learning it when you put this up…. maybe you or someone should put up a version in D. Brian plays it on an E whistle.

Re: Ellie Goes West

Thank you very much. I’ve been waiting over 3 years for a transcription. You’ve made me very happy.
Sincerely, Ellie West.

Re: Ellie Goes West

Here is a version in D for whistlers. It is just vsign’s version run through Jen’s transposer; the result seems fine to me, but I know nothing about ABC . Play it with an E whistle if you want it in E obviously.

X: 2
T: Ellie Goes West
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
DG/A/ de g>f d3/2 z/ | GF dE/F/ EA cd | DG/A/ de g>f d3/2 z/ | G>F dE/F/ E3/2-E z/ G/F/ |
DA de gf a3/2 z/ | GG/A/ dE/F/ EA cd/d/- | d<B AD EA FF/D/ | GF/A/ BF/E/ E3/2-E z/ E/D/ |
D2A2 d2e2 g2>f2 d2-d/e/f/g/ | a-a/g/ g>f ee/d/ f3/2 z/ | DG/A/ d z/ e/ gf d3/2 z/ |
GG/A/ dd/e/ e3 z | DG/A/ de/d/ gf<a z | GA dE/F/ EA cd | B z AD EE/A/ FF/D/ | GA cd/e/ e4 |
z B gf- ff/a/ ed | z G/A/ gf- ff/e/ ee/d/ | GA/B/ gf ad e z/ a/ | e>f ac cB g/a/g- |
g z z/ G/A/B/ g2f2- f2fe e2ef | z2 GA g2f2- f2-f/e/d/B/ e2d2 | GA/B/ gf ad e z/ f/ |
a-a/g/ g-g/f/ e4 | de/f/ fc c2 Bd | dG G>F df fc | c z Bd d/ef/ f3/2 z/ |
A/B/B/G/ gf/e/ e/d/d de/f/ | f2-f/f/g/a/ g3 z ABBG g2f z | e/d/d/ z/ E/F/d/ z/ Ec A2 |

Re: Ellie Goes West

Adrian, thank you. The version in D is the intended fingering used by the composer so it will be very useful to anyone learning from the cd or live recordings.

Re: Ellie Goes West

Ellie, you must be quite a person to have such a beautiful tune made for you, and Brian must think the world of you. Brings me to tears every time I hear it.

Ellie Goes West, X:2

Transposed to Dmaj.

Re: Ellie Goes West

Adrian, just seen your comment.
Very kind. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing our dear mister Finnegan since I was six year old and first met him in the back of my parents car picking him up from Cambridge train station. My parents gave him what must have been one of his first summer school teaching jobs outside of Ireland, back in 1994. At that point he had just won all Ireland for the second time and released his solo album ‘When the Party’s Over’ but Flook hadn’t formed in yet so it was still quite early in his career. He taught my sister and myself flute and whistle through our childhood, teen years and beyond. It’s been 26 years and I’m now the organiser of the self same summer school, now named Burwell Bash. I met, got engaged and honeymooned with my husband at Burwell. In fact, Brian and the tutors were in on the proposal and knew it was coming. Brian was the first person to hug me after we announced our engaement and was invited to the wedding. Sadly, Flook were already booked to be in Denmark and Germany at that time and so he had to decline his invitation. A week to the day that my husband and I were married, Brian debuted the tune with Ed Boyd at the Burwell Bash tutors concert as a wedding present and told me then, back in 2016, that it was one of the first tracks recorded for the CD that would become Ancora. The tune name is a pun (something for which I still haven’t entirely forgiven him for) as my maiden name was Smith. The day I returned from Burwell I bought a low E whistle from Colin Goldie and learnt the tune. To have something that means that much to me released to the world was incredible. I’ve known Brian longer than I can remember at this point so it’s an incredible honour.