Kirkmichael Ploughs strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kirkmichael Ploughs
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cdor
|:d|B2F<D B>c d>c|B<G F>D E<C C>A|B2 F<D B>c d>c|B>G F/G/F/E/ D<B, B,:|
g|f>B dc/B/ F>B dc/B/|E>B D>F E<C C>A|f>B dc/B/ F>B dc/B/|E>G C>A B2Bg|
f>B dc/B/ F>B dc/B/|E>B D>F E<C C>f|g<e f<d e<c d<c|B>G F/G/F/E/ D<B, B,||

Two comments

Kirkmichael Ploughs

Composed by Robert Petrie. Sandy MacIntyre plays it slow, so some of the dotted rhythms are played as quavers.

Re: Kirkmichael Ploughs

Thanks Connor - lovely tune. I live in Perthshire, so I’ve passed through Kirkmichael.

If you don’t mind a friendly piece of advice about your ABC, you do not need a first and second ending to the A part. The last note in the first ending is the same as your lead-in note, so miss it out and do away with the start-repeat at the beginning of the A part. Then the last note in the 2nd ending becomes a lead-in note for the B part. It makes it much neater and readable, in my humble opinion.