The Swift jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Swift
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
~B3 ~f3|gfe fed|~B3 fef|ede f2z|
~B3 ~f3|gfe fed|cgf Bfe|Aed Gdc|
~B3 fef|gfe fed|~B3 fz f|ede ~f3|
B2B ~f3|gfe fed|cgf ~B3|cBA ~B3||
Bz B fga|gfe ~A3|cz c cde|efg fdB|
~A3 cde|edc G2z|dcB ~F3|Fcf fcF|
~B3 fga|gfe ~A3|cBc cde| efg fdB|
~A3 cde|edc ~G3|dz B ~F3|cBA B2z|

One comment

The Swift

This is my notation of the first tune in the set "The Swift/The Swallow" on the album "As the Crow Flies" by Crowfoot. It is most likely an original composition, although I do not own the CD or their tunebook, so I do not know which band member wrote it. This is notated in Bm to be played on a D whistle or flute - on the album, however, Nicholas Williams plays a low F whistle and thus their version is in Dm. Fiddle players are welcome to transpose.

"All three band members compose, and they have published a tunebook of their original material, as recorded on their various albums.
Nicholas Williams – Vocals, Piano, Accordion, Flutes
Jaige Trudel – Vocals, Cello, Fiddle
Adam Broome – Vocals, Guitar, Cittern, Mandolin"