Two recordings of
Kitty’s Rambles
The Bush On The Hill

Kitty’s Rambles (jig) is also known as Brendan’s, The Heart Of My Kitty, I’m A Man In Myself Like Oliver’s Bull, Katie’s Rambles, Murray’s Maggot, The Rambles Of Kitty.

The Bush On The Hill (jig) is also known as The Humours Of Milltown, The Humours Of Miltown, The Lonesome, The Low Down, The Lowdown, McGlinchy’s, The Milltown, The Miltown, Ryan’s, West Clare.

Atlantic Wave by Paddy Reynolds, Charlie Mulvihill, James Keane, Felix Dolan

  1. The Bush On The Hill
  2. Kitty’s Rambles
  3. The Primrose Vale

Tradaree by Denis Liddy And Elvie Miller

  1. Kitty’s Rambles
  2. The Old Favourite
  3. The Humours Of Miltown