The Laird O’ Bemersyde strathspey

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X: 1
T: The Laird O' Bemersyde
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E\|A,>C E>D C<E A2|D>F B>A G<B ed|c>A B>G AFE2|F>D E>C DC/B,/ C<E|
A,>C E>D C<E A2|D>F B>A G<B ed|ca Bg AF GE|FD GEA3d|
cd/e/ ag fe dc|Bc/d/ gf ed cB|AB/c/ f>e dc BA|B<F B>A G<E Ed|
cd/e/ a>g fe dc|Bc/d/ gf ed c>B|A3/2B//c// F3/2G//^A// B3/2c//d// g>f|ed/B/ G<e c<A A|]

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The Laird O’ Bemersyde

Slow Air by James Scott Skinner. From the album The Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle, Vol. 1