Trip To Nelson jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Trip To Nelson
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:fgf fed|efe ABc|d2B BAF|G3 Bcd|
F2B cde|d2B Bcd|e2f gbg|1 faf ede:|2 faf edc||
|:B3 A3|E3 FAd|B3 A3|E3 DFA|
Bed BcA|G2F FEF|GAB Bcd|1 e2A A3:|2 e3 ede||

Four comments

Trip To Nelson

From the playing of Trip To Nelson.

Info on CDBaby about the tune and band name ( ):

"The band’s name comes from a lovely jig (which is included on the album) from Pete Sutherland, who wrote it in 1984 after playing for a concert in Nelson. It was part of the repertoire of the band Fresh Fish, which was the late Kerry Elkin on fiddle and Trip to Nelson pianist Gordon Peery - active from 1985 - 1995. Gordon introduced the tune to his new band mates (none of whom were even born yet when it was written), and it took hold. Thanks to Pete for his blessing on using the name for our band."

Re: Trip To Nelson

Pete has written some other stellar tunes. Having been to Nelson dances many times, I’m delighted to now include this lovely jig in my own repertoire. It’s a special place, for many reasons.

Re: Trip To Nelson

Does this refer to the Nelson in Lancashire or Wales?
Or is it one of the many colonial Nelsons?

Re: Trip To Nelson

Nelson, New Hampshire. They are a contra dance band.