Bonnie Woodside jig

Also known as The Bonnie Woodside March, The Bonnie Woodside, Bonny Woodside, The Bonny Woodside.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bonnie Woodside
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DFA GBd|FAd fed|afd FAd|cee e3
DFA GBd|FAd fed|afd FAd|1 cec d3:|2 cec dfg||
afd bge|afd FAd|GBd FAd|cee efg|
afd bge|afd FAd|GBd FAd|cec dfg|
afd bge|afd FAd|GBd FAd|cee e3
DFA GBd|FAd fed|afd FAd|cec d2||

Seven comments

Bonnie Woodside

By the famed Northumbrian piper, Billy Pigg.
Along with Kate Elliots’ Jig, I tried to teach it to an ITM session in Byker, Newcastle but the peasants kept going into Tripping Upstairs.

Bonny Woodside

I never repeat the last 2 parts. I think it’s just a 2 part tune, and you quote from the A part at the end.

Artists performed by

"the Cut and Dry Band" performed this tune in a medley set. It can be found on the "Northumbrian Small Pipes" collection album.

They did it as a waltz, which is probably how it’s "supposed" to be played. I like it as a jig though.

Slow 6/8 march I meant, not waltz.

This has a striking resemvlance..

to the tune "Aoife’s"

two part tune

agree with Dr. Dow - just revisiting this tune for rapper dancing so updated it