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One setting

X: 1
T: Master Euan Ivory's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E2\|:A2AB cAce|a2ga fece|fgaf ecAc|dBcA BGGB|
A2AB cAce|a2ga fece|fgaf gabg|agac'a4:|
|:cAAA cAAA|cAAA fgaf|cAAA cAAc|dBcAB2AB|
|1cAAA cAAA|cAAA fgaf|cAAA cAAc|BEcBA2AB:|
|2A2AB cAce|a2ga fece|fgaf gabg|agac'a2|]

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Master Euan Ivory’s

From the Ron Gonnella Fiddle & Pipe Favourites album. Who wrote it?

Re: Master Euan Ivory’s

Connor, you do realize this is mainly an *Irish* traditional music site, don’t you? That said, I’ve posted Scottish, Cape Breton and Northumbrian recordings as well as Scottish, Cape Breton, Shetland and Québécois tunes, and I will likely continue to do so on a limited basis. But to transcribe nearly an entire album of Scottish tunes mostly with but one recording, without looking up any information on the tunes or their composers - tunes that mostly don’t fit well into Irish sessions, good as the tunes may be - well, it seems just a bit much to me. On a non-Irish album, I’d at least limit myself to my favorite one or two tunes or tunes with a few separate recordings, and then mostly those that fit into Irish tune types (jigs, reels, etc.). I would also likely post non-Irish recordings either to complete an artist’s limited discography, or almost complete discography on this site (for example the recordings I posted of Theresa Morrison and Alex Francis MacKay), or else recordings that are likely to link to tunes *already* in the database. Although, that recording of Hector MacAndrew that I posted, I just did it because I love it 🙂

Re: Master Euan Ivory’s

Daniel, save your, um, fingertips. Many of us have had their ideas about what this site should or shouldn’t be, but Jeremy’s view is "Anybody can post anything they like, the more the merrier."

Re: Master Euan Ivory’s

Nigel, you’ve quoted me out of context. When I said "Anybody can post anything they like, the more the merrier", I was referring to *settings* i.e. tune variations.

When it comes to which tunes should be on the site in the first place, I’ve always maintained one simple rule of thumb to ask yourself before submitting a tune: do you play it at your session?

The focus of this site is very much on Irish music. The occasional Scottish, Cape Breton, or other tune is fine, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. The submissions should predominantly be from the Irish tradition though. If someone is flooding the site with too many non-Irish tunes, I write to them and ask them to balance their contributions.

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Re: Master Euan Ivory’s

‘The submissions should predominantly be from the Irish tradition though.’ Music to my ears.

Re: Master Euan Ivory’s

Nigel, Jeremy, fair enough. Connor, I apologize for getting on your case. I will quit wasting servor space and duly shut up now.

Re: Master Euan Ivory’s

"Nigel, you’ve quoted me out of context…."

In that case I apologise, Jeremy.