Pappilan Pellolla barndance

Also known as In The Vicarage Field.

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X: 1
T: Pappilan Pellolla
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:g2 fa g2 fe|e>d dB G2 Bd|1 ,3 d>c cA F2 Ac|
e>d dB G2 Bd:|2 ,4 d>c cA F2 FA|A2 G2 G4||
|:D2 FA c2 Bc|e>d dB G2 Bd|1 ,3 d>c cA F2 Ac|
e>d dB GG FE:|2 ,4 d>c cA F2 FA|A2 G2 G4||
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Pappilan Pellolla

A Finnish ‘jenkka’ aka schottische. Sometimes written in 2/4, and played quite fast (140 up to 170+bpm) to accompany the folk dance of the same classification. Since there’s no schottische option I put it as a barndance.

I first heard this tune in a video by the Finnish folk band ENKEL (who you should look up), where they played this with a massed band of folk musicians at the Kaustinen Folk Festival 2019. I instantly liked it, it summons up images of spinning wildly with a partner during a dance at some feast day or wedding.

I found the abc notation on folk tune finder, which in turn sourced it from, where it states it was transcribed by a John Chambers. all credit to him.

I changed the end of the B section 1st time bars, as he had it ascending up, like in the A section 1st time bars, but in a few recordings I’ve heard it descending GG FE before returning to the D at the start of the part, and I prefer it that way.

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