Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cBA ABA|ceee3|fef fga|fec BAB|
cBA ABA|ceef2e|fgaf2e|cAAA2d:|
;cee efa|ffff3|ece efa|fec BAB|
[1 cee efa|ffff2e|fgaf2e|cAAA2d:|
[2 cBA ABA|ceef2e|fgaf2e|cAAA2d||

Four comments

Re: Lady Dorthea Stewart Murray

She was a daughter of the Duke of Atholl. The tune was composed by Aeneas Rose, PM of the Atholl Highlanders, in 1895 on the occasion of Dorothea’s marriage to Harold Ruggles-Brise.
You know, Connor, that you can get all this info from The Traditional Music Archive?

Re: Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray

PM = Pipe Major, so this is a pipe tune, and as such, should be A myxolidian (g naturals throughout).

Re: Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray

Aye, true, Ampocarbuile. But it’s one of those pretendy A major pipe tunes with all the Gs in weak places and, as such, fiddle players (and others who could) would probably play the Gs as sharps.

Sometimes in tunes like these I’ll play G naturals and sometimes G sharps. In some ways it’s easier for GHBrs not having a choice.