King George V’s Army march

By G.S. MacLennan

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Two settings

X: 1
T: King George V's Army
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
e>d|c2A2A2A>B|c>A c>e f>e d<c|d2B2B2B>c|d>e f<a f2e>d|
c2A2A2A>B|c>A c>e f>e d<c|d2f<dc2e<c|1 B4A2e>d:|2 B4A2c>d||
|:c2e2e2e>d|c>e e<a f>e d>c|d2f2f2f>e|d<f f>a a>f e<d|
c2e2e2e>d|c>e e<a f>e d>c|d>f a<f c>e a<c|B4A2e>d:|
|:c2e2a3e|c>e a<e f>a e<c|d2f2a3f|d>f a<d f>a f<d|
c2e2e2e>d|c>e e<a f>e d>c|d>f a<d c>e a<c|B4A2e>d:|
X: 2
T: King George V's Army
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:e>d|c2A2A3B|c<A c<e f>e d>c|d2B2B3c|d>e f<a f2e>d|
c2A2A3 B|c<A c<e f>e d>c|d2f>dc2e>c|B4A2:|
|:e>d|c2e2 a3 e|c>e a>e f<a e>c|d2f2 a3f|d>f a>d f<a f>d|
c2e2 a3 e|c>e a>e f<a e>c|d>f a>d c<e a>c|B4A2:|
|:e>d|c2e2 e3 d|c<e e>a f>e d>c|d2f2 f3e|d<f f>a g>f e>d|
c2e2 e3 d|c<e e>a f>e d>c|d>f a>d c>e a>c|B4A2:|

Four comments

Kitchener’s Army

Adapted for Fiddle as this is a Pipe March composed by Pipe Major George Stewart McLennan. From the Cape Breton Violin album.

Kitchener’s Army, X:2

Here’s the tune as written by the composer, George Stewart MacLennan (1883-1929). He served in Gordon Highlanders in World War One.

He called it

King George V’s Army

(The Kitchener title is simply incorrect.)

This is the version as heard played by good pipe bands.

Note that nearly every “snap” is in a different place as X:1.

Also version X:1 has reversed the 3rd and 4th parts. X:2 has the parts in the correct order.

Re: King George V’s Army

This is “King George V’s Army” - as Richard says. There is a tune called “Kitchener’s Army”, but this ain’t it.
I learned it after hearing it played by Tony Cuffe [ RIP ] on guitar, have been playing a whistle version for many years, and it is still a favourite tune of mine.