Aftermemories reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Aftermemories
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
AB |: c2 dB c2 AB | cBAG (3EFG AG | DGGF G2 Bd | ~e3 d ecAB |
c2 dB c2 AB | cBAG (3EFG AG | D ~G3 BG (3Bcd |1 eaed cAAB :|2 eaed cAAG ||
|: EAAG A2 AB | cAdB cBAG | EGGF G2 GA | BGdB cBAG |
EAAG A2 AB | cAdB cBAG | (3EFG AB c2 Bc |1 BAG=F EAAG :|2 BAG=F EAA^F ||
|: D2 AF dAFD | e2 ef fdcA | D2 AF dAFD | cBAc BGGE |
D2 AF dAFD | e2 ef fdcA | D2 AF dAFD |1 afge fddA :|2 afge fd |]
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Three comments


My first composed (?!?) reel. Hope, it’s not a clone of some other reel bubbled from the depths of memory and crept into this one as a whole. Also, hope it feels ‘reely’ enough to bear a ‘reel’ tag.

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Re: Aftermemories

This tune feel very familiar when I play it, however I know for a fact that I haven’t heard it before. Each part seems to take on a characteristic of another tune, for example the first part sounds a little like the bank of Ireland. I like this tune, it reminds me of older tunes that I still play but learned early on. It genuinely deserves the name you’ve given it.


Re: Aftermemories

Thanks, Niall!

Indeed, there are similarities with ‘Bank of Ireland’. I don’t play it yet and TunePal didn’t show it either, so grand you’ve mentioned the reel.

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