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One setting

X: 1
T: Joe O'Dowd's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
{G}FEDF ABAG|{G}FDFA dz {B}cA|{c}BAGB ~A2 DA|(3Bcd AF GE ~E2|
~e3 f ~g3 a|{g}fed2 eAce|dBGB ~Az dA|(3Bcd AF GE ~E2|
edef gb ~b2|fa ~a2 eAce|dBGB ~Az DA|(3Bcd AG FD D2|
~e3 f ~gfeg|{g}fed2 eAce|dBGB ~Az dA|(3Bcd AF GE ~E2|
edef {a}gfeg|{g}fedf eAce|dBGB ~Az DA|(3Bcd AG FD D2||
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Joe O’Dowd’s

This great reel is the last tune (tune 3, track 13) of Steph Geremia’s CD ”Up She Flew”. She says it was written by Seamie O’Dowd, and presumably it was titled for his father, Joe. According to a note on Christy Moore’s blog: "the late (and much loved) Sligo Fiddle player Joe O’Dowd … graced the Sligo music scene for decades with his beautiful playing.“ *

Admittedly this attempted transcription is probably much less accurate and informative than the one provided by Steph Geremia in her book of sheet music and notes for the CD. As has been said before here (see a highly recommended book. One feature of it is the range of variations provided for tunes, and another feature is the typesetting for the book, which provides various useful symbols for ornamentation etc that don’t seem to be available via EasyABC etc.

* see

Ffi on where to obtain the book:

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