Con McGinley’s strathspey

Also known as Con McGinley’s Other Highland Fling, McGinley’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Con McGinley's
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:e/A3/2Af edBd|e/A3/2Ac BGBd|e/A3/2Af edBd|1 efge dgfg:|2 efge d2Bd||
|:efga b/g3/2gf|efgd B/G3/2Bd|efga b/g3/2gb|1 afge d2Bd:|2 afge dgfg||

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Does anyone have a title for this one? I really hate naming tunes as “Untitled”.
This is really a type of tune known in North Ireland as a “Highland” but there was no choice for Highland in the drop-down menu so I picked strathspey, which has the very similar snap rhythm. It’s supposed to be in 2/2, but the site made it 4/4. Enjoy!

This tune has been batting around for a while with no name. It’s in Peter Cooper’s Irish Fiddle Player as “Untitled Highland,” and he says he learned it from Con McGinley (fiddler). Would that be enough provocation for people to call it “McGinley’s Highland/Strathspey/Whatever” so it doesn’t sink into the sea of gan ainms?

Mc Ginley’s

Ha! I thought of that, but there’s already a highland tune called “Con McGinley’s”. Shewt!

Gan ainm

Wish you hadn’t posted this one grymater.

No - don’t get me wrong - nothing wrong with the tune. It’s just that I echo your own sentiments. I’ve played this (not necessarily in G, and probably dotting the rhythm even more) but do you think I can remember the **** name? I’m probably going to wake in the middle of the night!
Nice tune. I’ll (try to) keep you posted.

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Other name

How about McGinley

McGinley’s Other Highland

I vote aye, yer honour.

This tune can be ‘pruned’ off its b’s and be played w C sharp to suit the Scots pipe range: ‘pruned’ sounds drastic but the result here is naturalistic.