Yeavering Bell barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Yeavering Bell
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:AG|"Am"EAcB "F"A2BA|"G"GBdc "Em"B2cB|"Am"Aced "C"cdef|"G"g2G2 G2AG|
|"Am"EAcB "F"A2BA|"G"GBdc "Em"B2cB|"Fmaj7"Aced "G"cBAG|"Am"E2 A2 A2:||
||eg|"Am"aecd "C"e2de|"G"gdBc d2cd|"Am"ecAB "C"cdef|"G"g2G2 G2eg|
|"Am"aecd "C"e2de|"G"gdBc d2cd|"Am"ecAB "G"cBAG|"Am"E2A2 A2eg|
|"Am"aecd "C"e2af|"G"gdBc d2ed|"Am"cegf "C"efga|"Em"b2e2 e2AG|
|"Am"EAcB "F"A2BA|"G"GBdc "Em"B2cB|"Fmaj7"Aced "G"cBAG|"Am"E2A2 A2:||

One comment

Yeavering Bell

Another rant. This one is by border piper extraordinaire Matt Seatle.
Yeavering Bell is a wonderful place in the north of Northumberland with an Iron Age hilltop encampment, an Anglian Kings hall and wild goats.