F**k The Tories reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: F**k The Tories
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GABc d2 de | dcBA GABG | D2 EF G2 GA | BABc d2 A2 |
dcBA G2 E2 | DEGB A2 A2 | G2 E2 DEGB | A2 A2 G3 A :|
B2 c3 dcd | cBAB cd B2 | G2 B2 c3 d | cdcB A2 D2 |
BcBA G2 E2 | DEGB A2 A2 | G2 E2 DEGB | A2 A2 G3 A :|

Nine comments

Fuck The Tories

A wee tune by John Spiers he wrote after deciding it shouldn’t just be songwriters who can make political music.

Originally imagined as a hornpipe but is far more like a French-Canadian "crooked reel" to the composer’s delight!

Enjoy the tune, apologies for the bad language!

Re: F**k The Tories

I might have just found my tune for xmas ;)

Re: F**k The Tories

Thanks for the video… I was actually just listening to some Spiers and Boden earlier, and this one is definitely good. First time I’ve seen any swearing on here!

Re: F**k The Tories

This is much too nice a tune to be associated with the Tories.

Re: F**k The Tories

This is great, thanks!

Re: F**k The Tories

You don’t need to apologize for the foul language… I really appreciate it!!!!
Also, we need more banjo jokes on this site… Jeremy, thoughts?