December 2 reel

By Ward MacDonald

Also known as December 2nd.

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One setting

X: 1
T: December 2
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
fa|bfae f2ed|cAeA fAa2|BF (3FFF Bcde|fedf e2fa|
bfae f2ed|cAeA fAa2|BF (3FFF BcdB|cBAc B2:|
dc|BF (3FFF Bcde|cA (3AAA cdec|BF (3FFF Bcde|fedf e2dc|
BF (3FFF Bcde|cA (3AAA cdec|BF (3FFF BcdB|cBAc B2dc|
BF (3FFF Bcde|cA (3AAA cdec|BF (3FFF Bcde|fedf e2fa|
bfae f2ed|cAeA fAa2|BF (3FFF BcdB|cBAc B2||

Two comments

Re: December 2

A pleasant tune.

My Dad was born on 2nd December 1914. Brave and honest but ever so difficult for my Mum and his first 4 children to live with as his 1/2 Irish temper was just awful… 5th child had a better time as, by then, the family was better off and fewer stresses and strains for Patrick.