Music At The Gate strathspey

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One setting

X: 1
T: Music At The Gate
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2 D2 F<d d>c|B>A B>d dA FE|D2 D2 F<d dc|(3Bcd (3AGF E2 FE|D2 D2 F<d d>c|
B>A B>d dc de|1(3fed (3edc (3dcB (3AGF |(3GAB (3ABc (3dAF (3GFE:|2f>de>c d>BA>F|B>dc>e d4||
f2 f>d e2 ce | d>e d>B A>F D2 | f2 f>d e2 ce | d>e (3dcB A2> {efg}.a |
f2 f>d e2 ce | d>e d>B A>F D2 | B>A d>A B>A d>A|(3Bcd (3AGF E2 FE||
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Music At The Gate

Music at the Gate is already here as a reel
but as noted on that page, the setting played by the Tap Room Trio is “much different” to the one sitting on that page. Always a matter of debate about how different a tune needs to be submitted again, but the CD notes (by Harry Bradley, who should know!) call their version a highland. He also notes the similarity in the basic tune to that of “Phil The Fluter’s Ball”, but doesn’t really give any clues as to how the trio or a.n.other morphed the reel into a highland, but it works very well.

Anyway, given that there’s no facility for submitting highlands here, I’m submitting this as a strathspey (while not pretending to have much idea about the differences between strathspeys, highlands, flings etc).

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