John Brady’s hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: John Brady's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|:gG ~G2 DGBd|GBdg bgdc|A=FAc fefg|a2 (3g=fe dGBd|
gG ~G2 DGBd|GBdg bgdc|A=FAc =f^FAc|AG (3AGF G2:|
(3Bc^c|:dg ~g2 bgdc|A=FAc fc (3ABc|BGBd gdBd|(3gba (3gfe d2 (3Bc^c|
dg ~g2 bgdc|A=FAc fc (3ABc|BG=FA d^FAc|AG (3AGF G2:|

Four comments

John Brady’s

An unusual hornpipe, learned from one of Paddy O’Brien’s tune collections.
It starts off like Cooley’s (composed by the other Paddy O’Brien),
but then quickly gets weirder. Almost all the F’s in the middle are F naturals,
but it isn’t in Gmix as F’s near the beginning and the end are F#’s.
Bar seven of the first part has the weirdest jump ever — from high f natural to low F sharp.

But once you play it a few times through it starts to sound pretty good!

Re: John Brady’s

Hey! Three recordings now link to this tune, but I doubt that any of them really are this tune.
(There are too many tunes called John Brady’s.)

So if you got here following one of those links, you’d better check all the other
John Brady’s tunes, too (and correct the links if possible).

Re: John Brady’s

There are no hornpipes on "The Beauties Of Autumn", so I’ve "disconnected" it. Same for Liz Carroll’s "Friend" recording, which as I recall was an arrangement of John Brady’s "Fr. Newman’s". I don’t have that particular "Coleman Country" recording, but since "John Brady’s" follows "The Concert" [ reel presumably ], it won’t be the hornpipe either.

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Re: John Brady’s

Kenny, Thanks for the fast work correcting those links!