Berceuse Pour Hannah waltz

By Richard Forest

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One setting

X: 1
T: Berceuse Pour Hannah
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2E2O|:"D"F3E D2|"Em"G3FE2|"D"A6|"D7"F4D2|
"G"d6|"A"A4B2|"D"A6|F2G2A2|"G"B3A G2|"A"c3BA|
"Bm"d2c2d2|"G"e2d3B|"D"A3FD2|1 "A"E3DE2|"D"F3ED2|
"A"((3EFE) D2E2:|2 "A"E3FE2|"D"(D6|D3) zcd|:"A"e2c2A2|
E3 zBc|"G"d2B2G2|"E"E3 zAB|"A"c2a2f2|"G"(3gag e2d2|
"E7"e6-|e3 zcd|"A"e2 (3cdc A2|E3 zBc|"G"d2B2G2|
"E7"E3 zAB|"A"c2 (3BcB A2|"G"G2F2G2|"A"A6-|1 A3 "G"c2d:|2 A2D2E2||
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Three comments

Re: Berceuse Pour Hannah /Lullaby For Hannah

I’ve corrected the spelling of the name in the title for you. It may be pronounced “Anna” by Québécois musicians such as André Brunet, but the name of the young girl to whom the piece was dedicated is “Hannah”. And the tune was composed jointly by Réjean Brunet, Richard Forest and Sabin Jacques.

Re: Berceuse Pour Hannah

Lovely tune but when playing from the sheet music above on flute it feels like the second part of the tune should be in A major. Or is it just me ….?