Two recordings of
Billy Brocker’s
The Bloom Of Youth

Billy Brocker’s (reel) is also known as Billy Banker, Billy Bocker, Billy Brocker, Billy Brockers, Billy Bunker’s, Billy Bunter’s, Booby Dees, The Budgie On The Griddle, The Castle, Crowley’s, Crowleys, Mary Bergin’s, O’Rourke’s Favourite, Vajayjays.

The Bloom Of Youth (reel) is also known as The Downshire, Dr. Taylor’s Favourite, Geogahan’s, Tansey’s, Tansey’s Favourite.

Irish Violin and Accordion by Jackie Roche and Timmy Cronin

  1. O’Rourke’s Favorite
  2. The Irish Maid
  3. Miss McLeod’s

Tus Maith by Drantan

  1. The Bloom Of Youth
  2. The Green Groves Of Erin
  3. Billy Brocker’s