La Rachoudine three-two

Also known as L’arachoudine.

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One setting

X: 1
T: La Rachoudine
R: three-two
M: 3/2
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|: c2 Ac dfec A2 BA | c2 Ac dfec A2 BA | c2 Ac afed c2 BA :|
|: Bcde fBBA BA B2- | Bcde fBBA BA B2- | BdcA B/B/BeB BeBe |
Bcde f2 f/f/f eagf |1 eA A/A/A :|2 eA A/A/A a4 e4 |]
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La Rachoudine

This is a Quebecois tune from the playing of Édouard Richard and Lisa Ornstenin called La Rachoudine or “Irish Wedding”. It’s a very complex type of crooked tune done in 3/2 time called a Brandie. This particular one is done in AEAE tuning. Brandies are possibility related to English hornpipes and are used for the Quebecoise contra
dancing or step dancing. Like all Quebecoise music, there is an important accent on the back beat.

(text from, transcription by myself)

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Re: La Rachoudine

This one is really fun! It’s the kind of tune I could imagine Lúnasa getting into. Thanks for sharing it!

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Re: La Rachoudine

I couldn’t rest yesterday until I had mastered it. I started off writing it in 4/4; that folkmama website was the only place that gave me any clues about it.

We saw Lunasa locally here last February and they were spectacular.

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