The Maids Of Brittany reel

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X: 1
T: The Maids Of Brittany
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dc |:"G"BDGB "D"ADFA |"G"GDB,D G,A,B,G, |"C"CEGB "Am7"cBAG |"D"FDFA dedc |
"G"BDGB "D"ADFA |"G"GDB,D G,A,B,G, |"C"CEGc "G"BD"D"FA |"G"DGGF G2 dc :|
|:"G"BDGB dGBd |gaba gGBd |"C"ecge "G"dBGB |"Am7"cBAG "D"(3FED CA, ||
|1 "G"G,A,B,G, "C"CDEG |"D"FADF "G"GABd |"C"cdeg "D"fadf |"C"g2 gf "G"g2 dc :|
|2 "G"G,A,B,G, "C"CEGE |"D"DFAF "G"GFED |"C"CEGc "G"BD"D"FA |"D7sus4"DGGF G4 |]
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The Maids Of Brittany

A great pleasure to see Tim O’Leary mentioned in these pages as the composer of some good tunes. Here’s another one of his that I had from him many years ago when he lived in Sussex. I’ve listed it as a reel but maybe it could be played nicely as a hornpipe. (The added chords are mine: take or leave, but don’t blame Tim for them).

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