My Love’s On A Train slip jig

By Nicolas Brown

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One setting

X: 1
T: My Love's On A Train
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:BAB efd e2d|BAB g2a f2d|BAB efd e2d|AAA ABG FED:|

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My Love’s On A Train

Another simple, fun slip jig, first heard by me through a phone, from a recording by Marla Fibish. This one I wrote up myself. Fibish varies the tune almost every time through it, so I chose what I liked the best and what made the most sense. The variations I’m talking about are very slight (pedaling a note vs. holding vs. playing alternating notes when maybe just a simple dotted quarter note would suffice).

Re: My Love’s On A Train

This is on Alison Perkins and Nicolas Brown’s All Covered In Moss, I want to say they wrote it? Will check on the morning.

Re: My Love’s On A Train

Wow, that’s cool that Marla learned it. I did write it!

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Re: My Love’s On A Train

That’s great! Thanks for the sweet tune!

ETA: checking your and Alison’s music out right now. I love the pipes, so this is a great find.

Re: My Love’s On A Train

Forgot to check two weeks ago, finally remembered this morning, but I see Nico resolved the question in a timely fashion anyway. 🙂

Re: My Love’s On A Train

“My Love’s On A Train?” Partings can be sweet sorrow, more’s the pity. Tune’s very much OK tho.

Re: My Love’s On A Train

I learned it from Marla at a workshop last November. I’d heard it before, as I already had “All Covered In Moss”, but I didn’t make the connection at the time.