Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong jig

Also known as Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong, Kenny Gillies, Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong, Skye.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:e|AAA e2c|efa f2e|faa AAA|fec cBB|
AAA e2c|efa f2e|eff fec|BAA A2:|
|:e|a3 AAA|cea fee|faa AAA|fec cBB|
[1a3 AAA|cea f2e|eff fec|BAA A2:|
[2AAA e2c|efa f2e|eff fec|BAA A2||
|:e|AAA cBc|AeA fee|faa AAA|fec cBB|
AAA cBc|AeA fee|eff fec|BAA A2:|
|:f|c2e aga|Ace fee|faa AAA|fec cBB|
[1c2e aga|Ace fee|faa fec|BAA A2:|
[2AAA cBc|AeA fee|eff fec|BAA A2||

Ten comments

Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong Source?

sounds like the Tannahill weavers, but you might know better…

Kenny Gilles of Portnalong Source

The source of this tune is a book.
"Ceol Na Fidhle - Highlands Tunes for the Fiddle" - Volume 4.

Kenny Gilles….

That book reprorts P.MacFarquhar as the composer of the jig.


This tune is very popular in the Western Isles of Scotland.

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Great tune

this tune is a true classic, features in all my strip the willows!

Uses the Major pentatonic mode (no 4th no 7th). Just what a trump player needs!

Can someone add the accordion bass to this tune

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Joe, I recently learnt this tune from my accordion teacher, he wrote down chords and basses for me that work well. I’ll try and post it up for you sometime soon…