Kirk’s hornpipe

Also known as York.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kirk's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(AG)|FGAF D2d2|cdec A2f2|gfed B2 (ed)|c2A2A2 (AG)|
FGAF D2d2|cdec A2f2|gfed Bdce|d2 [F2d2][F2d2]:|
|:(fg)|afdf a2a2|gece g2g2|fedc d2 (ed)|c2A2A2 (fg)|
afdf a2a2|gece g2g2|fedc Bdce|d2 [F2d2][F2d2]:|]

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Kirk’s Hornpipe

I heard this on "Take The Floor" on the 23rd Nov 2019 played by Alan Crookston Scottish Dance Band
I thought that this tune would go well on the Northumbrian pipes.

Re: Kirk’s

This is a very popular Scottish tune and I was quite surprised it wasn’t here before.

It actually has been posted already but as a barn dance. Even so, it was only just three months ago. Very odd.

The tune is very common in Scottish Dance/ceilidh band repertoires and in Fiddle Societies etc. It fits in well with "Petronella" type sets and so on.

Re: Kirk’s

I’m sure I’ve come across this before but under another title - which, of course, I just can’t call to mind though I must have played it a hundred times. How annoying is that? The version I know (which I think may be North-Eastern) is as notated in the setting Johnny Jay refers to, with a B part that ‘wraps round’ to close the repeat with the same 4 bars as the A. Anyone got another name for it?

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Re: Kirk’s

The version I play is slightly different to both but more like the one submitted today by Mike. I’ll maybe post it tomorrow.

It may well be a NE of England tune originally. It does have that feel to it but, as I say, it has been extremely popular in Scotland for a very long time in dance sets. I also play it in a "Dashing White Sergeant" tune set.

Re: Kirk’s

Ah! It’s come back to me … This tune is in The Fiddler’s Tune Book Vol 2 (Ed. Peter Kennedy, 1954) under the title ‘The West End’.

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Re: Kirk’s

Like Nigel who has commented on "The West Hornpipe", I can see similarities but I’m not convinced they are the same tune. Maybe a common ancestry, posibly?

The second half seems quite different. In Scotland, Kirk’s is usually played fairly fast and often at a reel pace and has a less "dotted" feel even although it gets referred to as a hornpipe.

Any update on your thoughts, Nigel, if you are reading this?

Re: Kirk’s

I should add that I agree that the setting you submitted is very similar to Kirk’s but seems quite different from the other settings of "The West End" and the one I play.