Thirty-three recordings of Maggie Cameron

Also known as Maggie Cameron’s.

This tune has been recorded together with The Devil In The Kitchen (a few times), Athol Brose (a few times), Forbes Morrison (a few times), Lochiel’s Awa’ Tae France (a few times), Lucy Campbell (a few times), MacLaine Of Loch Buie (a few times), The Miller Of Drone (a few times), O, She’s Comical (a few times), Red Shoes (a few times), Alasdair Fraser’s Welcome To Cape Breton, Andy Renwick’s Ferret, Barry’s Trip To Paris, Beaton’s Delight, Bishop Faber MacDonald’s, The Blackbird, The Bridge Of Bamore, Cape Breton, Captain Campbell, Carnival, Carter MacKenzie’s, Ciaran Tourish, The Cockerel In The Creel, Còta Mòr Ealasaid, Dancing Feet, Dargai, Denis Lanctot’s, The Devil’s Staircase, Donald MacLean, Duntroon, Dusky Meadow, The Eight Men Of Mùideart, Father John MacMillan Of Barra, Fiona MacLeod, Flee The Glen, Frank And Julie Leahy’s, The Gravel Walk, The Grey Bob, The Grey Old Lady Of Raasay, Hogties, Jenny Dang The Weaver, Jenny’s Chickens, John Morrison Of Assynt House, Kilts On Fire, Lady Madelina Sinclair, Les Pieds Joyeux, Lexie MacAskill, The Linen Cap, The Margaree, Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart’s, Miss Dale, Miss Elspeth Campbell, Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth, Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran, Mrs. Smyth Of Methven’s, Neil R. MacDonald, The Panda, Princess Flower Puppy, The Pumpkin’s Fancy, The Red Fox, Rod Alexander’s, The Smith Of Chilliechassie, Squirmy’s, St. Kilda Wedding, Stirling Castle, Tamerack’er Down, Tom Dey, The Trip To Dublin, Willie Davie, Wooden Whale.

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