Two recordings of
Maggie Cameron
Red Shoes

Maggie Cameron (strathspey) is also known as Maggie Cameron’s.

Red Shoes (reel) is also known as The Red Shoes.

Cape Breton Violin by Willie Kennedy

  1. Lady Madelina Sinclair
  2. Maggie Cameron
  3. Lucy Campbell
  4. MacLaine Of Loch Buie
  5. Mrs. Smyth Of Methven’s
  6. The Red Shoes

Heart Behind The Bow by Kimberley Fraser

  1. The Pap Of Glencoe
  2. Trip To Dublin
  3. Maggie Cameron’s
  4. The Editor’s Favorite
  5. Miss Charlotte Alston Stuart’s
  6. Mrs. Beatty Wallace
  7. The Red Shoes
  8. Tamerack ‘er Down