Two recordings of
Maggie Cameron
The Miller Of Drone

Maggie Cameron (strathspey) is also known as Maggie Cameron’s.

The Miller Of Drone (strathspey) is also known as Ellens Fancy Specs, Miller O Drone, Miller O’ Drone, The Miller O’ Drone, Miller O’Dron, The Miller O’Drone, Miller Of Droan, Miller Of Dron.

Fine Thank You Very Much by Ashley MacIsaac

  1. The Rosebud Of Allenvale
  2. The Miller Of Drone
  3. Dusky Meadow
  4. Neil R. MacDonald
  5. Maggie Cameron
  6. MacLaine Of Loch Buie
  7. Rod Alexander’s
  8. Barry’s Trip To Paris

Head to Head by Shane Cook & Jake Charron

  1. Kilts On Fire
  2. Miller Of Drone
  3. Beaton’s Delight
  4. Maggie Cameron’s
  5. Squirmy’s
  6. Ciaran Tourish
  7. Denis Lanctot’s
  8. Wooden Whale