One recording of
Maggie Cameron
Jenny Dang The Weaver

Maggie Cameron (strathspey) is also known as Maggie Cameron’s.

Jenny Dang The Weaver (reel) is also known as Gobha Bh’ann A Hogha Gearraidh, Horo Ghoid Thu Nighean, Jennie Dang The Weaver, Jenny And The Weaver, Jenny Dang Da Weaver, Patsy Touhey’s Rip The Calico.

The Piping Centre 1998 Recital Series - Volume 1 by Brian Lamond & Richard Parks

  1. Cape Breton
  2. Maggie Cameron
  3. Cal. Soc. Of London
  4. Dancing Feet
  5. Jenny Dang The Weaver
  6. Andy Renwick’s Ferret
  7. Skippywisakiwi