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Ode To Joy

During a conversation at the end of my local (English) tunes session last night, and in light of the election today (12/12/2019 UK general election), it was suggested (in a tongue in cheek fashion) that ‘Ode To Joy’ be played as a jig (possibly to accompany morris dancing outside parliament).

I took that to heart and transcribed this version as a bit of fun. I play it with lot of swing and accenting on the 3rd and 6th quavers in the bar. Would love to hear it on a box or concertina!

Hope someone can enjoy it!

Re: Ode To Joy

Nice idea! As it’s December, can I tell you that a friend brought in a version of “It came upon a Midnight Clear” as 6/8 jig instead of the usual 4/4: it works very well, along with several other carols that are in jig timing anyway

Re: Ode To Joy

I like the ‘piped’ version too, you could play setting 1 and then setting 2 as a variation.