The Master And Margarita polka

By Brett Greatley-Hirsch

Also known as Putin On The Ritz.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Master And Margarita
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:G>A Bc|dg d2|cB {c}BA|G^F {G}FD|
G>A Bc|dg d2|c/B/A/G/ ^FD|1 G2 GD:|2 G2 G2||
|:c/B/A/G/ ^FD|^F/D/G/D/ FD|c/B/A/G/ ^FD|^F/D/G/D/ Ad|
c/B/A/G/ ^FD|^F/D/G/D/ FD|c/B/A/G/ ^FD|G2 G2:|
c>d eg|ab g2|B>c dg|a^f g2|
c>d eg|ab g2|g^f {g}fe|dc de|
c>d eg|ab g2|B>c dg|a^f g2|
c>d eg|ab g2|ag ^fe|dc BA||
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Two comments

Putin’ On The Ritz

Picked up the mandolin and the tune wrote itself. Had a vaguely Russian feel to it, so here you go!

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Re: Putin’ On The Ritz

When (European) tunes in the major mode are played in minor they often sound (vaguely) Russian. Especially true of Irish polkas…
Your first part sounds like a minor version of "Campbell’s farewell to Redcastle", an iconic Scottish pipe march.

I bought a cheap Russian mandolin once but I gave it up cause of the extra notes which were put in…