A Tune For Frankie jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Tune For Frankie
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmix
|:D2G FDC|~A,3 ~F3|~A,3 ~C3|~A,3 G,A,G,|G,>A,B,/C/|
D2G FDC|~A,3 ~F3|~A,3 CA,C|A,CA, G,A,G,|G,>A,B,/C/:|
|:DGA _Bdc|BGE FED|~F3 GFG| Add d3|
DGA _Bdc|BGE FED| FCA, DCA,| G,A,G, G,>A,B,/C/:|

Nine comments

A tune for Frankie

Source: Altan
Composer: Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh
Transcription: g.m.p.

This tune is dedicated to the late Frankie Kennedy.

I love this tune. To me it communicates an intriguing mix of intense melancholy and robust optimism. GM I feel sure that there’s a bar of 9/8 at the end of each phrase in the A part, or maybe the whole of the A part could be transcribed in 9/8 or something. Variations on the last few bars are:
~A,3 CA,C FCA, G,A,G, G,A,/B,/C and
~A,3 FCA, DCA, G,A,G, G,A,/B,/C

God that sounded poncy when I read it back to myself, "intriguing mix of intense melancholy and robust optimism" indeed. Maybe I should go away and come back again in a week or two.

and i thought vogon poetry was bad!

i thought that the A3 F3 bar was played twice. It fits but it’s been ages since i’ve listened to that tune.

This transcription works

I love this jig, and found this transcription which works really quite well… slip jig for the first part - 6 bars of 9/8 = 2 bars of 27/8…

R: jig
Z: Transcribed by Alan Ng, agng@students.wisc.edu
D2G FDC ~A,3 ~F3 ~A,3 ~C3 ~A,3 G,A,G, G,(3A,B,C|\
D2G FDC ~A,3 ~F3 ~A,3 CA,C (3A,B,CA, G,A,G, G,(3A,B,C:|*
DGA Bdc| =BGE FED|1 ~F3 ~G3| Add d3:|2 FCA, DCA,| G,A,G, G,3:|**

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Slight corretion…

Sorry - M:6/8 E:14 in the above transcription have no reason to be there. How did they get in? Did you insert them? Remove them, and the tune is complete.

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New Time Sig

Well, I heard this tune years ago by Altan and must say it hooks you right away - melencholy, optimism are all there to my ears. Am working up a DADGAD guitar arrangement in same key (capo 5) and was looking at other transcriptions when I came across 27/8 time sig. I don’t know if someone is pulling a leg or being serious. I almost fell over laughing; a mix of 6/8, 9/8 - ok - but a slush bucket of 27 eight notes to a bar ? That made my day!

Re: A Tune For Frankie

A friend saw my post on the 27/8 time. I went back to look at it. To my knowledge a jig is 6/8, a slip jig- 9/8. If someone is thinking this tune through as 27/8 time, I think someone is confusing phrasing for time sig. My CDN$ 0.02 worth.