The Cassel Light jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Cassel Light
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: E3 ~E3 | GAB ABd |Bde E3 | EDE GAB | AGE DB,D |
| E3 ~E3 | GAB ABd | Bde d2B | Bcd cAc | B=cc cGE :|
|: GAB d2e | GAB cde | GAB cde | ABA AGE|
| GAB d2e | GAB cde |[1 AB2 BAG | ABA AGE:|[2 ~f3 fga ||
[|: bee efe| c2e ~d3 | d2B Bc=d | c2A cde def |
|[1 ~e3 efe| c2e f2B | B2a gfd | e3 efg :|]
|[2 c3 cde | B3 Bcd | A2a geg | =gdg gA=c | B=GF |]

Three comments

The Cassel Light

A tune by Jeremy Kittel for the great fiddler Hanneke Cassel.
From the album ‘Whorls’ by Kittel & Co.

Re: The Cassel Light

How would dancers cope with the ten-bar 1st part? I suppose one could just omit bars 4&9 (or 3&8, or 4&8, or 3&9, if you prefer).
What’s with the 9/8 bar in the 3rd part, and the three link notes at the end?
My odd day just got weird.

Re: The Cassel Light

Yeah not sure how that works mathematically but it’s undoubtedly an issue with my (hasty) transcription not the tune.
Give it a listen and see if you can work it out… (second tune)