Hans Thamsen polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Hans Thamsen
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
f|:"D"f2de/2f/2|"G"gf ee/2e/2|"A"ce ee|"D"!trill!f2de/2f/2|"G"gg/2e/2 "A"cA/2c/2|"D"d2d f:|
|:"D"a2aa|ba gf|"Em"g2e2|"A"aa/2a/2 fe|"D"!trill!f2 de/2f/2|"Em"gf ee/2e/2|
"A"ce ee|"D"f2 de/2f/2|O"G"gg/2e/2 "A"cA/2c/2|1 "D"d2 da:|2 "D"d3||
"^Coda""A"gg/2e/2 a2 c2|"D"dd d6||

One comment

Hans Thamsen

This is not really a polka but a socalled "sønderhoning" from the tiny North Sea island of Fanø in Denmark. It’s the only place with an unbroken musical tradition dating back several hundred years in Denmark. Historically the village of Sønderho was a village of shipwrights for big sailing ships and it used to be an important port. The sailors were influenced by Dutch music as well as music from the places they sailed to thus creating a very rich musical culture with more than a hundred traditional tunes.

Here you can see the "Fanø Fiddlers" performing at a festival in Denmark.

As you might notice the dancing steps are in 3/4 whereas the music is in 2/4, but with the even rhythm it doesn’t matter. It’s like waves washing up the shore… 😉