The Guid Man reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Guid Man
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|"D"A4-Ad ed|:"D"f4 fe f a-|ab"Em"g3f fe|"G"B4 "Bm"dc de|"A" ~c2BA "D"Ad ed|
"D"f2f2 fe f a-|ab"G"g3f fe|"Em" B3d "A"(3cBA ef|1 "D"d4 Ad ed:|2 "D"d3e fe ed||
"D" A4 fe ed|"G"g2g3f ga-|"Bm" a B3 dc de|"A"~c2 BA "D"fe ed|A4 fe ed|
"G"g4-g Bcd-|d e"A"c3B cd|ef "Em"g/f/e "D"fe ed|A2 f3 eed|"G"g4-g fga-|"Bm"a B2d2"A"cde-|
"D" ef/e/d e fa ed|A2 f3 eed|"G"g4-g Bcd-|de "A"c3 Bc d|1 ef ed "D"Ad ed|2 ef ed2 "Bm"B3-|-B4-B4||

One comment

The Guid Man

I seem to be listening to John McCusker tunes all the time these days. This one has a few subtle and quite tricky syncopations, which is perhaps why no one has got around to transcribing it until now! It is Tune 1 of the third track entitled ‘Xesus and Felicia’ in his album, Yella Hoose.
A note on navigation: when you get to the first repeat mark at the end of the piece, return to Bar 2 of the first line.