Connolly’s barndance

Also known as Simon Doherty’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Connolly's
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
"G"DB,DG "Em"B2 G2 |"A"A^GAB E3 =G |"D"F2 A,B, C3 D |"C"EDDE "G"D2 [B,2D2] |
"G"DB,DG "Em"B2 G2 |"A"A^GAB E3 =G |"D"F2 A,B, CDEF ||1"G"G2 "D"F2 "G"G2 B,C :|2"G"G2 "D"F2 "G"G2 dc ||
|:"G"BGDG "E7"B2 B2 |"A"A^GA^c e2 eg |"D"fecA F3 G |"C"(3ABA (3GFE "G"D2 d2 |
"G"BGDG "E7"B2 B2 |"A"A^GA^c e2 eg |"D"fecA F3 G |"C"(3ABA "D"GF "G"[B,4G4] :|
G2 F2 E2 D2 |^C2 E2 A,2 E2 |C2 F2 A2 c2 |c2 B2 B2 G2 |
G2 F2 E2 D2 |^C2 E2 A,2 E2 |D2 F2 A2 C2 ||B,2 DC B,2 F2 :|B,2 D2 B,2 z2 ||
|:G2 F2 E^GBd |^c=c^ce g2 c2 |dcAF D2 d2 |c2 B2 B2 BA |
G2 F2 E^GBd |^c=c^ce g2 c2 |d2 AF D2 CB, |C2 B,A, [G,4D4] :|
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Simon Doherty’s Barndance

I had this from ‘The Northern Fiddler’ collection, though I may have adapted it a bit from the original setting. The accompanying part is mine (the lower four lines in the MSS) - to be played or ignored as you will. (I don’t know how to edit this so that the 2nd part shows as a parallel staff, so I hope it’s not confusing).

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Re: Simon Doherty’s

The name of the tune is "Connolly’s Barndance", and there is a transcription (by Dermot McLaughlin) of John Doherty’s setting of the tune in which he plays the A part in G like you, Bazza, but an octave higher. The B part is played in D. According to Caoimhin Mac Aoidh, "It takes its name from the Connolly family of Strabane who had a music group which played all over east Donegal."

In The Northern Fiddler (1979), Simon Doherty plays it in D throughout.

Re: Connolly’s

It can be put quite nicely with Francie Welsh’s barndance - also in ‘The Northern Fiddler’, and which has been posted elsewhere on this site.

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Re: Connolly’s

A really nice happy tune and I like the harmonies…