The Rambuck’s Head polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Rambuck's Head
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A/G/|:F3/2G/ AA|BA dd|cd ec|d/c/d/e/ fA/G/|
F3/2G/ AA|BA dd|cd ec|1 d3 A/G/:|2 d3 e||
f2 f3/2f/|gf f2|fe ed|dc BA|f2 f3/2f/|gf f2|ed cB|AG FE|
F3/2G/ AA|BA dd|cd ec|d/c/d/e/ fA/G/|F3/2G/ AA|BA df|fe dc|d4||

Two comments

The Rambuck’s Head

This is a Cornish tune aka St Keverne’s Feast.
The Wendron Ram Buck Fair is held annually in Cornwall
I got it from a friend who got it from Laura Swift, but an old written source is:
Lyver Canow Kernewek, (Cornish Song Book), ed. Dr Ralph Dunstan pub: 1929.

It’s primarily a dance tune but there is a song that goes with it,

St. Keverne Feast Song

Round the table we did spread, eating up the Rambuck’s head,
Tom and Dick and Sue and May, on St. Keverne’s Faisting Day

Oh how we all did grin, when the Rambuck’s Head cum in,
Aw dedd’n us all tuck in on Keverne’s Faisting Day.

There was Granfer up from Paul, come to see the fun and play,
Grammer too in Kep and shawl on St. Keverne’s Faisting Day.

Uncles, aunts and cousins more, some ‘ad trapsed a braa’ long way,
Come to pick a bone for sure, on St. Keverne’s Faisting Day.

When we did the Buck’s Head greet, faather made a speech to we,
"Ooaldraw foorth", twas short and sweet, On St.Keverne’s Faisting Day.